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Let’s Partner

Interested in hosting a show in your gallery or featuring my art. Let’s chat.


I occasionally take on commissions. Let me know what you want and let’s make a deal.

Look into my crystal ball

Look under the hood at what I’ve planned for the future.

Hey Big Boy

The Art

Take a look at this constantly updating timeline of all of my art. If there is something available and you want it.. Let me know.

Current Projects

Murals, oil paint, watercolor, ceramics, animation, stained glass, game design, comics… and more. It’s all here.

Log your purchase with us and join the mailing list.

I do my best to keep accurate records of my work and where it’s at. If you’ve recently purchased my work, I’d love to add your pin to my map. I’m building a catalog of collectors. Send me a picture of your purchase and I’ll add you to authenticate work.


“Yo yo yo”


“Blah blah blah”


“Diddle Widdle Moo Moo Moo.”


Let’s work together on your
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