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MIA’S CAFFE Commerical Campaign

Campaign Overview / Summary: Our project aims to create a high-quality video series that beautifully encapsulates the inviting ambiance of Mia’s Caffe. Through these videos we will showcase the restaurant’s deep-rooted family traditions, professional service, and exceptional quality of fine Italian cuisine and coffee beverages. The campaign, aptly named “Where Italian tradition meets the South,” will extend an invitation to the local community, inviting them to savor the warmth, hospitality, and culinary excellence that Mia’s Caffe has to offer.

Target Audience: Women, Foodies and The residents of East Mississippi and west alabama and tourist visiting museums and other attractions located in downtown Meridian, Mississippi.

Objectives: Increase brand awareness, grow website and social media traffic. Increase foot traffic and enhance sales in the restaurant. Build and maintain a loyal customer base that will continually return to the restaurant for food and entertainment.

Competitors: There are seven restaurants within a four block radius of Mia’s in downtown Meridian, Mississippi. Wiedmann’s, Aie’s Taste of Thai, Harvest Grill, The island, Starbucks, The BrickHause, and Jeans.

MIA’S CAFFE (WEBSITE) | 1920 x 1080 | 29.97 fps | .60 seconds | Closed Captioning

The most generic and widely appealing video in the series. This video features all of the elements from the other videos including an on-camera call to action by one of the restaurant owners. The goal of this video is to encourage everyone who sees it to come enjoy this fine family restaurant. 

MIA’S CAFFE (YOUTUBE) Featuring The Bigbee Boys | 1080 x 1920 | 29.97 fps | .32 seconds | No CC
MIA’S CAFFE (FACEBOOK) | 1080 x 1080 | 29.97 fps | .30 seconds | Closed Captioning
MIA’S CAFFE (INSTAGRAM) | 1080 x 1920 | 29.97 fps | .34 seconds | Closed Captioning

Focuses on the live entertainment aspects of Mia’s Caffe, highlighting the band which performed on the day of filming our footage. At the end of the commercial, we show the days when customers can enjoy a meal and be entertained by a musical act. 

Focuses on appealing to everyone who loves delicious authentic Italian food for lunch in a relaxed dining environment.

Focuses on appealing to women who seek authentic experiences with friends and
family. Depicts a mother, daughter, and granddaughter having an outing
where they order food and enjoy quality one-on-one time together.

MIA’s CAFFE (CUSTOMER INTERVIEWS) 1920 x 1080 | 29.97 fps | .53 seconds | Closed Captioning

Customer testimonials using a back-and-forth format to tell the story of how Mia’s Caffe can appeal to an older and younger demographic. The older lady is interested in the live music, food, and relaxing atmosphere while her granddaughter is in awe of the chicken alfredo and pizza. The video is concluded with a birthday party featuring 10 children and
their mothers screaming “Mia’s”. 

MIA’S CAFFE (EMPLOYEE INTERVIEWS) 1920 x 1080 | 29.97 fps | .68 seconds | Closed Captioning

This video delves into the rich family history narrated by Michael Guiliano, a family member and co-owner of the restaurant. As the son of Gina Guiliano, he briefly reminisces about cherished culinary moments from the family home. Recalling the timeless Italian dishes and the invaluable time spent with his Grandfather, whose influence became the cornerstone of Mia’s Caffe, it’s evident how deeply these experiences have left an enduring impression on the entire family.

Meet Shonda Slayton, the Social Media Manager at Mia’s Cafe, taking center stage in this video. With her hands-on experience in restaurant operations and overseeing its social media presence, Shonda shoulders significant responsibilities. Her deep affection for the familial bond and community spirit nurtured while collaborating with Mia’s team holds a unique and cherished spot in her heart. The video is concluded with a birthday party featuring 10 children and their mothers screaming “Mia’s”.

MIA’S CAFFE (EMPLOYEE INTERVIEWS) 1920 x 1080 | 29.97 fps | .30 seconds | Closed Captioning
MIA’S CAFFE (SHOW ME, DON’T TELL ME) 1920 x 1080 | 29.97 fps | .60 seconds | No CC

This video epitomizes the ‘show, don’t tell’ principle. I meticulously crafted it by weaving together 64 distinct shots, each granting a one-second spotlight, seamlessly transitioning in and out of the succeeding frames, culminating in a captivating 60-second montage. The outcome? A harmonious fusion that exudes excitement and dynamism. Without a doubt, this rendition stands out as my personal favorite among the videos I’ve produced.

Featured Background Music:
Seaside Piazza – Aaron Kenny.mp3

Diazo MVB Cond Rf2

Keywords and Tone: Warm welcoming people
and smiling faces, tradition, and family
Quality, service, and dining experience
Call to action

Mia’s Caffe 2100 Front Street, Meridian, Mississippi | (601) 880-0182
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